Without master whoso practices spiritual excellence in infidelity he will drown Hoo

Sheikh and Masters sit in their abode and by becoming Gauth, Qatb had flown Hoo

It the mosques they sit by holding beads like in the burrow rat sits Hoo

Night is pitch dark, travelling is arduous ‘Bahoo’ there are hundreds of stumbles and pits Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Whoso ever practices faqr (spiritual excellence) without the guidance of a perfect spiritual will indulge in infidelity because he will be treading a path of unknown and upon that path is shaitan and he will push him off the straight path. Immature dervish whom resorted to their seclusions and they claim to be gauth and qutb and further claim that they traverse in the universe. These fake claimers of marifat with beads they sit in the chambers of the masjid like rat in his borrow. O ‘Bahoo’ without illumine of inner light of marifat the path of ardent love has many hazards and many pit falls.