By selling wealth and life, purchase spiritual excellence Hoo

Sustainer is achieved with spiritual excellence why be remorseful Hoo

To acquire wealth they waste their religion they are fake master and sheikhs Hoo

Wealth relinquished by Qadri ‘Bahoo’ it is Shah Miran’s kingship Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Sell your wealth and life in order to purchase faqeeri (spiritual excellence). You will attain you (Rabb) by adopting faqr why are you becoming remorseful it is not lose bearing purchase at all. Those fake sheikh and murshid are selling their faith for worldly wealth. O ‘Bahoo’ worldly wealth was relinquished by Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani Qadri because he is the kind in the marifat of Allah Almighty.