The doors of religious doctrines are lofty and beyond is path of Providence in reality Hoo

One has to bypass pundits and mullahs discretely that is factuality Hoo

By striking on the heels of passionate they create hostility Hoo

‘Bahoo’ lets go and live where none has any claim besides reality Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The constraints of the madhabs religious doctrines higher orders of Islamic jurisprudence but the path of Divine providence is beyond. In order to move ahead one has to pass secretly avoiding confrontation with religious leaders. The so called religious leaders will make fun of dervishes and criticise them regarding something the religious leaders are unaware. Some will adopt stance of denial whereas others will try to belittle them in what so ever manner they can. O ‘Bahoo’ lets go and reside at some place where there is none other than the reality of Allah Almighty.