I am a falcon; in the river of Divine Mercy flight I take Hoo

My tongue resembles Divine command “happen”, alteration to the command of the pen I make Hoo

What good are people like Plato and Aristotle to me then Hoo

Hundreds of millions like Hatim are beggars at the door of ‘Bahoo’ when Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I am like highflying falcon and I fly in the river of almighty Allah’s mercy. My tongue is like Allah Almighty’s command (Kun) be and it happens. With such grace and (tasarruf) divine power to make thing happen, I can change the fate of destiny. By having such powers, what use are Plato and Aristotle to me. My generosity is so vast that hundred of million people like Hatim tai (who was renowned for generosity) are baggers at my door.