Do not accompany treacherous and with slandering everyone you do not treat Hoo

Even you take Bitter melon to Makah they can never become sweet Hoo

Raven chicks can never become goose even if pearls you feed them to eat Hoo

Bitter wells can never be sweetened ‘Bahoo’ even if you add tons of sugar to treat Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish don’t accompany someone who is unaware of path of marifat and when you don’t attain you inner desire you will slander the path rather than the treacherous person you have held as your mentor.

It is same as if you take bitter melon to makka and it will not be sweetened same as ignorant person with not attain any grace. Furthermore raven chick cannot become goose even if you feed them pearls similarly dejected people cannot attain marifat no matter whatever effort you make. Those bitter wells cannot be sweetened even if you add sugar as much as you like because the nature of the bitter well is like such. Just like a donkey cannot become scholar merely loading many books on it.