They are not Hindu nor are they true Muslim they prostrate in mosque neither Hoo

They see Divine Master in each breathe, prayer late they never observe either Hoo

Whom have perfected Divine Essence they are intelligent yet they as mad they pretend Hoo

I sacrifice upon thy ‘Bahoo’ who has selected stake in ardent love Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The Gnostics do not worship idols like Hindus or they merely recite Islamic creed or they go to worship the masjid outwardly and inwardly they are loitering elsewhere. Those Gnostics have never missed their inner pray let alone their outer prayer they actually remain viewing their Divine Master in every breath. Those Gnostics who have perfectly accessed the Divine Essence zaat are actually very bold and yet they pretend to be mad in order to sever links with other than Allah Almighty. O ‘Bahoo’ I sacrifice upon those Gnostics whom have taken their turn in the game of ardent love.