I am not sorcerer or Yogi neither isolation I accept Hoo

I didn’t attend mosque neither rattling beads I perfect Hoo

Such breath is infidel that is taken in ignorance; my master taught me such Hoo

Spiritual master sorted it nicely ‘Bahoo’ in a moment he got us in touch Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O Dervish for the purpose of acquiring marifat I haven’t become like Hindu Yogi, worn rope around the neck or adopted seclusion for set amount of time. I have not been running to the masjid outwardly or merely rattled the beads outwardly ostentatiously. Such breath that is taken without the remembrance is the breath taken in kufr (denial)my Murshid has taught me this lesson. My murshid nicely done a great favour of getting me in touch with Allah Almighty within a moment O ‘Bahoo’