This repulsive world often receives our shoes beating Hoo

Due to worldly wealth, Sheikh Master Chishti laments they are repeating Hoo

Who have worldly love within him his boat has sank Hoo

Qadri has relinquished the worldly wealth ‘Bahoo’ this is perfect path of heavenly rank Hoo



Commentary by M. A. Khan

This materialistic world acquires our shoes beating because it is humiliating and demeaning. For the worldly wealth many chishti sheikhs complain about wealth and writing to people around the world even up to this day. Those who have love for worldly wealth within them the boat of their faith will sink. O ‘Bahoo’ only Qadri have relinquished the love of worldly material from their hearts in favour of Allah Almighty.

The worldly desires often get humiliated from me with the beating of shoe. Those Chishti Sufi master cry for wealth in their hearts or it could mean that what is happening at the shrine of Hazrat Moin uddin Chishti ra their caretakers send out letters for donations all over the world, which is seen, disrespectful to their noble Sufi order. Many Chishti Sufi have been close to emperors and other nobles within the government circles. This trend has been disliked by Sultan Bahoo in particular. Such who have worldly love within him his boat of heart will sink. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani ra relinquished the wealth and they remained away from ruling class and refrain from accepting their gifts, because of their mystical status and carefree of worldly desires no other Sufi order could equate with Qadri order.