None are disciple and none are master all reassurances are loss bearing Hoo

The path of spiritual excellence is far away slaughtered are all those by worldly desire raring Hoo

Passion for Allah has overpowered life is all set to die Hoo

‘Bahoo’ whose body engulfed in longing fire in thirst and hunger he will die Hoo


Commentary by M. A. Khan

In present most of the people are not genuine talib of the divine truth or murshid who quest for the unison of Allah Almighty and they are giving false hopes and false promises. The path of faqr is very far and these seekers of worldly desires are being slaughtered by their materialistic desires. They are unaware of the path of faqr. When the passion for Allah Almighty overwhelmed and life is prepared to be sacrificed for Allah Almighty.

O ‘Bahoo’ those who’s inner is engulfed with fire of ardent love they become careless about their physical being and in the state of ardent love they die thirst and starvation.