He lives near and is envisaged far never enter His forecourt Hoo

Unaware of method of finding him internally and yet ill-fated ones pursue Him outwardly resort Hoo

Nothing is achieved by traversing far within the house the objective is gained Hoo

Shine the heart like mirror ‘Bahoo’ then entire veils uplifting maintained Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The real beloved is nearer to the jugular vein and yet we perceive him very far we don’t even enter his forecourt in our inner self. We are unaware of method of finding Him in ourselves and thus we try to search Him outwardly. Merely roaming around without pious intention nothing will be accessed. The beloved is within the heart make effort and search Him there. Clean your heart shine like mirror so that the veil get lifted and you will see the beloved in your mirror of your heart.