The river of Oneness generated high waves and deserts, jungles and ponds it irrigates with water’s gust Hoo

They don’t recognise ardent love with Divine essence and they suffer from lances of ignorance crust Hoo

Seen many priceless men smothered in dust Hoo

I sacrifice upon those ‘Bahoo’ who remain submissive whilst with power just Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish the river of Oneness of Allah Almighty is breaking banks and overflowing no one will remain deprived form its benevolence same as rain will fall on everything and will grow greenery on land and in sea generate pearls. Those unfortunate from the pre-eternity will remain on the state of denial and will remain deprived from the marifat of Allah Almighty. I have observed many invaluable young men who have abandoned worldly pleasure in favour of ardent love. They became free of the worldly pleasures. I sacrifice upon Those ‘Bahoo’ who remain modest whilst they have great courage.