I went into debt over my head by affirming “ yes you are” I confess Hoo

People see me as anxious because of me entering Oneness Hoo

With longing strikes of passion, I will access beloved by placing my head on ardent love’s float Hoo

None has acquired beloved in life ‘Bahoo’ whoever accessed, after death Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish from the day of pre-eternity when I replied to the command “alasto be rab e kum” to which I replied yes you are, from that day it is compulsory to adopt the path of marifat. When I entered the entered the river of Oneness and unaware people perceived me as if I am perplexed. In the river on Oneness I ardent love as float and I am sure the wound my beloved caused my heat it will take me across the riverbank. No one has acquired beloved in life ‘Bahoo’ whosoever has acquired has killed his nafs before he attained the unison with his beloved.