Oneness river of Allah where ardent lover take a swim Hoo

They dive in and bring out pearls in accordance with their turn Hoo

Duray yatim shines like manifestation of moon Hoo

Why they do not pay their dues ‘Bahoo’ who are governmental servants Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O dervish the river of Allah Almighty’s mercy is where ardent lovers dive in and take a swim. They dive in iy and bring up pearls of marifat in accordance to their capability. Amongst those pearl there is a unique pearl one and only the last prophet Rasool Allah whose shine manifests upon the heavens of the marifat in unique manner like moon. O ‘Bahoo’ all of the wayfarer upon the spiritual path are the slaves of our master Rasool Allahand why they don’t they pay homage in that court.