By wearing robe of Hoo I initiate remembrance of divine essence (Ism-e-Allah) zat Hoo

There is no infidelity or Islam neither there is life or death Hoo

You will acquire Him nearer to your jugular vein when took a glance inwardly depth Hoo

He is within us we are within Him ‘Bahoo’ closeness is farthest away Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The Gnostic of Divine Essence wear the robe of Hoo by annihilating in the Hoo and they contemplate the Ism-e-Allah zaat. There in the state of annihilation their no kufr, Islam, status, life or death because one has perished in the essence of Allah Almighty. You will access Him in your heart reflecting if only you glance within your inner. He reflects within us and we have perished in His essence there isn’t space for closeness.