One is awake and one is unable to be wakened and those who are asleep whilst awake Hoo

One who were in union while asleep and ones who remained deprived whilst awake Hoo

What happens if owl awakes inertly breath who takes Hoo

I sacrifice upon you ‘Bahoo’ whom has water wheel of Divine love’s well in motion Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

There are those perfect Gnostics whose hearts are awakened and they are engaged in dhikr of Ism-e-Allah zaat and there are some who are unaware of awakening of the heart. There are some wretched that are alive but their hearts are in state of ignorance. There are those in unison with Allah Almighty while they are asleep whilst there are some who remain deprived whilst they are awake. The owl is deprived of dhikr of Allah because he breaths abnormally even if he remains awake it is worthless. O ‘Bahoo’ I sacrifice upon those who have activated their waterwheel of Divine love in motion.