By surrendering laughter, you have taken lamentation who has given you reassurance Hoo

Life of a person is spent same as caster sugar puff in water Hoo

They will toss you in tight space where unable to turn side in that state Hoo

Honourable will demand accountability from you ‘Bahoo’ no less rati or masha in weight Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O human being you have abandoned the comfort and happiness of hereafter in exchange of pleasure of worldly life’s sorrow and cries. O naïve your life is very short such as caster sager puff that dissolves in the water very fast. Don’t waste it by wasting it in worldly affairs. Your end of life is very close and you will be placed in tight grave where you will not be able to turn sides. O ‘Bahoo’ the actual owner who has granted you all the worldly pleasures and life will demand its accountability on the day of resurrection and he will be questioning your smallest negligible weight worth.