In every breath string of shyness is broken with this fire burning Hoo

How long I should kindle the lamp of intellect, I have blowing dark gust of yearning Hoo

Secrets of ruined is awkward there are hundred thousand jewels and pearls in ruins Hoo

Stains couldn’t get washed away ‘Bahoo’ who are washed in yellowish green colour Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

When the fire of ardent love enrages within my soul and spirit it burns the sense of shyness from Allah Almighty and makes me carefree. How long can I keep my intellectual reasoning’s fire is alive and the gust of my ardent love is overwhelming and it will extinguish the lamp of intellect. The secrets of wayfarer of the path ardent love seems devastated outwardly in fact they or millions of precious gem stone that are scattered amongst ruins and rags. O Bahoo those true ardent lovers who are tainted in ardent love such like yellowish green colour those stains can never get washed away.