اللہ چنبے دی بوٹی میرے من وچ مرشد لاندا ھُو
جس گت تے سوہناط راضی ہوندا اوہو گت سکھاندا ھُو
ہر دم یاد رکھے ہر ویلے سوہناط اٹھاندا بہاندا ھُو
آپ سمجھ سمجھیندا باھُوؒ آپ آپے بن جاندا ھُو


Alif- Allah jasmine plant, mentor sown in my heart Hoo

Whichever state my mentor is pleased with, he teaches such art Hoo

My beloved mentor is such caring that he always makes me sit, stand and remains vigilant of me Hoo

He himself explains mysteries of marifah ‘Bahoo’ and he annihilates me in Essence of Thee Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

My murshid planted the name of Allah like jasmine plant within my heart and I do not have any want for any state or mystical level it is all up to my murshid whatever he wants me to know he teaches me and whatever he wants me to be I obeyed by it. My beloved murshid is aware of my capability and state so in whichever way he wants to train me, I have surrender my choice in favour of my murshid. Due to the fact, that I am sincere with my murshid. Murshid acquaints me with mysteries of marifah and those I will face on the journey and then he will annihilates me in his being at the state of annihilation in spiritual master (fana fi-sheikh).


The first letter of Arabic Alphabet - also stands for Allah (SWT), Mercy and graciousness, The hidden meanings are unlimited - ad infinitum.


Connotation - spiritual guide imparting knowledge which comes from ultimate reality through Quran & Sunnah.

“God has created man in His own image”


It is a very famous attractive flower, with golden yellow petals and a green stalk. It gives such a sweet fragrance, which freshens all senses of perception. The most beautiful metaphor (for relationship of body and soul) found in the entire literature of Abiyat.