اندر بھی ھُو باہر بھی ھُو باھُوؒ کتھاں لبھیوے ھُو
سئے ریاضتاں کرکراہاں توڑے خون جگر دا پیوے ھُو
لکھ ہزار کتاباں پڑھ کے دانشمند سدیوے ھُو
نام فقیر تہیندا باھُوؒ قبر جنہاندی جیوے ھُو


Hoo is inner and Hoo is outer from where ‘Bahoo’ locate Hoo

Had exercised hundreds of spiritual exercises and silent suffering initiate Hoo

By studying hundreds and thousands books and man of wisdom is one seen Hoo

Person of spiritual excellence is thy name ‘Bahoo’ alive whose grave has been Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Hoo (Divine essence) is in outer and in the inner where should I access it because he is everywhere. By hundreds of mystical endeavours and suffered such pain as drinking blood of the heart. By studying thousands of books in order to be known as intellectual, but with above actions will not make any difference. Your name if faqeer O ‘Bahoo’ because your grave is immortal and true path are accessing the light of recognition (noor-e-marifat) in form of Actual name of Almighty (Ism-e-Allah zaat) from there and this process will remain until the day of Judgement. Those who train and teach their talib contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat are truly perfect mentors.


It is a vibrant physical symbol which signifies the spiritual achievements are being recognized, confirmed by the Divine pleasure. The adherents also get spiritual benefit from this Mausoleum which represents the attractive flowers of the spirit represented in colorful tiles, which shine symbolizing the Pleasure of Allah (SWT).