بغداد شہر دی کیا نشانی اچیاں لمیاں چیراں ھُو
تن من میرا پرزے پرزے جیوں درزی دیاں لیراں ھُو
اینہاں لیراں دی گل کفنی پا کے رلساں سنگ فقیراں ھُو
بغداد شہر دے ٹکڑے منگساں باھُوؒ کرساں میراں میراں ھُو


The sign of Bagdad’s separations are large lacerations Hoo

My body and my soul are like tailors tatters accumulations Hoo

Shroud of these tatters I will make and amongst paupers secure associations Hoo

Scraps from Bagdad I will beg and call Miran Miran in repetitions Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

The reminisce of Bagdad city home of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani (spiritual master of Sultan Bahoo and founder of Qadri Sufi order) is that I have big scares and lacerations in my heart due to my physical separation  from my mentor. My body and my beings are in tatter like tailors cuttings. I will make shroud of those cuttings, place them around my neck, and stay among the paupers over there. I will beg for scraps from Bagdad and will call out Miran (attribute of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani). This is a lesson for true seeker of marifah how modest one has to be in the city of mentor and it is honour to be among the paupers over there. This is form of total submission of one’s desires in respect of mentor.


A city of culture and tradition for Muslim Umma which is blessed by Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Mausoleum, still serves guidance to Sufi order of “Qadria”.


It is a paradox but with a mystical contentment i.e. that materialistic needs are nothing as compared to spiritual wealth.


A deep veneration for spiritual guide which means O, Ameer (perfect leader)