بغداد شریف ونج کراہاں سودا نے کتوسے ھُو
رتی عقل دی کراہاں بھار غماندا گھدوسے ھُو
بھار بھریرا منزل چوکھیری اوڑک ونج پہتیوسے ھُو
ذات صفات صحی کتوسے باھُوؒ تاں جمال لدھوسے ھُو


I went to Bagdad and I have struck a bargain in chief Hoo

Purchased minute weight of inner intellect for the price of heavy burden of grief Hoo

Weight was heavy Journey was far, finally I have reached destination Hoo

Recognised the Essence and Attributes ‘Bahoo’ then attained Divine beauty’s manifestation Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

I have had a bargain in my purchase in Bagdad; I have purchased a ratti in weight which is equal to eight grains of rice of inner wisdom for heavy burden of sorrow within divine love. Even though the weight is heavy and my destiny is quite far eventually I have reached my destiny. I have recognised Gnostics of the essence and attribute and then I have attained view of Divine beauty. Without the grace of Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani no one could reach Gnostics (marifah) of Divine essence if someone contradicts this claim then be aware that such person is a heretic and a imposter.


It means Abdul Qadir Jilani, whose shrine is located in the city of Baghdad. He familiarized many Murshids with manifestation of Divine vision.