بزرگی نوں گھت وہنط لوڑھائیے ملئے رج مکالا ھُو
لاالٰہ گل گہناطں مڑھیا مذہب کی لگداسالا ھُو
الااللہ گھر میرے آیا جیں آن اٹھایا پالا ھُو
اساں بھر پیالا خضروں پیتا باھُوؒ آب حیاتی والا ھُو


Drown your venerability down the river and paint your face black Hoo

I have worn the jewellery of “none worthy of worship” round my neck, so what concern do I have with doctrine in fact Hoo

“But Allah” came to my home of soul and it has taken away my shivering chill Hoo

We have drunk the goblet of immortality ‘Bahoo’ from Khidr’s fill Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Drown your ego of being called as pious person and disguise yourself by humiliating your base self. When a person does anything, outwardly, his base self becomes big and fat and fattening of base self’s lower being is hazardous for health of your soul. I have nothing besides Allah in my being and that is negation of oneself so theocratic religious doctrine does not have concept of annihilation therefore it does not concern me. Allah Almighty dwells within my soul and my cold shivers have disappeared. I have drunk the goblet of immortality from my spiritual master and I do not have any perplexity as regards to death anymore.


As the connotation and with it dervish (Saint) has completely submitted to Oneness of Allah (SWT) and he is so inspired that there is no Ilah (god) except Him.


 (Water- to be alive forever) It is automatic when soul attains its height of spirituality, then it gets the ecstasy of joy- pleasure, forever.