بے ادباں ناں سار ادب دی گئے ادباں توں وانجے ھُو
جیہڑے تھاں مٹی دے بھانڈے کدی نہ ہوندے کانجے ھُو
جیہڑے مڈھ قدیم دے کھیڑے ہوون کدی نہ ہوندے رانجھے ھُو
جیں دل حضور نہ منگیا باھُوؒ گئے دوہیں جہانیں وانجے ھُو


Ignorant are unaware of respect, they have gone astray from respect Hoo

Where there is earthenware, it cannot become glassware in fact Hoo

Those who are Kheray (loveless) from the beginning, they could not become Ranjhay (lover) exact Hoo

Whose heart don’t quest for unison ‘Bahoo’ in both worlds shell remain without impact Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those who do not have awareness of veneration especially for master and generally for creation of God, due to their disrespectful nature they have gone astray on the path of Satan. Those whose nature has disrespect imbedded in them they cannot change they are the slave of their ego. Same as earthenware cannot change into glass. (Heer Ranjha ke afsanvi kirdar, Khera ki wazahat) An example of Kharay is given. Kharay is a tribe nearby the resident of Sultan Bahoo who were unaware of true love and it is said that they are unaware of  love (without emotions for Divine ishq) from the beginning and they will not be Ranjay (lover) because of their rigid nature. Such heart, which does not have passion for unison, will remain deprived from marifah of Lord in both worlds.


One of the renowned folk lore of “Heer - Ranjha”, they developed an attachment in loyalty at every cost. There was loyalty with purity on both sides, but one (Heer) became a victim of circumstances, but still eternal loyal by self-immolation.