احدّ جد دتی وکھالی از خود ہویا فانی ھُو
قرب وصال مقام نہ منزل ناں اوتھے جسم نہ جانی ھُو
نہ اوتھے عشق محبت کائی نہ اوتھے کون مکانی ھُو
عینوں عین تھیوسے باھوؒ سرّ وحدت سبحانی ھُو


My self perished when He showed Himself to me - Hoo,

(I felt) There was no nearness, no meeting, no goal and there was neither body nor soul - Hoo,

Neither there was affection nor inspiration, nor the existence of the universe - Hoo,

I was transformed into Absolute Reality Bahoo, that is the secret of pure Essence - Hoo.

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Sultan Bahoo had experienced the following where their base self (nafs) had perished, where he had observed that there was nothing besides Almighty’s Divine essence even his own self had vanished within the divine manifestation.

As he describes: since I have visualized Almighty’s Oneness, my nafs has perished. There is no closeness (qurb), unison (wisal), level, destination, body or soul. There isn’t any ardent love or time and space. It is because when one annihilates in the Oneness of Almighty, nothing else is left besides Almighty Allah’s Oneness.


The basic concept is Fana-Baqa (existentialism) you submerge yourself and lead an existence with the ultimate (Wahdat) Oneness of Allah (SWT).

The identity of a drop of water is to fully dissolve itself in the big ocean and become part of it.