اللہ صحِی کیتوسے جداں چمکیا عِشق اگوہاں ھُو
راتیں دیہاں دیوے تا تکھیرے، نت کرے اگوہاں سوہاں ھُو
اندر بھاہیں اندر بالنط  اندر دیوچ دھوہاں ھُو
باھُوؒ شوہ تداں لدھیو سے جداں عشق کیتوسے سوہاں ھُو


I have recognized Allah by yearning “Ishq” (Love) - Hoo,

Day and night it scalds me, further demands it makes - Hoo,

Inner being is full of yearning and inside needs have become more intense - Hoo,

Bahoo, Reality unfolds when “Ishq” familiarity invokes - Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

With the ardent love I have recognised Almighty. This enhancement of passionate love scalds me day and night and demands further endeavours. The passion would become restless. All the ingredients of fire of passion and its smoke are within the inner self. When passionate love unravels then true friend is attained.