بنھ چلایا طرف زمین دے عرشوں فرش ٹکایا ھُو
گھر تھیں ملیا دیس نکالا اساں لکھیا جھولی پایا ھُو
رہ نی دنیاں ناں کر جھیڑا ساڈا اگے دل گھبرایا ھُو
اسیں پردیسی ساڈا وطن دوراڈھا باھُوؒ دم دم غم سوایا ھُو


Sent down towards the earth and taken from Divine Throne and on ground we are placed Hoo

Got expelled from home and in our destiny what was written we had embraced Hoo

O world leave me don’t quarrel perplexed is all ready our heart Hoo

We are foreigners, farthest is our homeland ‘Bahoo’ grief increases within breath apart Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

We human were given marching orders from la-makan (that cannot be confined to time and space) to descend upon the earth and stay there for a limited period of time. We have accepted the eviction order, written, in our destiny. O worldly attraction leave me alone don’t quarrel with me heart is already upset because of being away from my Divine friend. We are here in this world as foreigners and our home is very far in la-makan with every breath my pain and sorrow is on the increase due to physical separation from my real home in closeness of Divine friend


This materialistic world is an alien land especially the environment is painful for a good human soul- spirit. As said, this world is prison for a faithful but a paradise for an infidel.