بے تے پڑھ کے فاضل ہوئے ہک حرف نہ پڑھیا کسّے ھُو
جیں پڑھیا تیں شوہ نہ لدھا جاں پڑھیا کجھ تسّے ھُو
چوداں طبق کرن رشنائی انہیاں کجھ نہ دسّے ھُو
باہجھ وصال اللہ دے باھُوؒ سبھ کہانیاں قصّے ھُو


With the literal study, many scholars never learned single word of reality Hoo

With such study, one not attained reality is as never learned exactly Hoo

Fourteen realms are illuminated but blinds could not view Hoo

Without unison in Allah ‘Bahoo’ rest are tales and stories dew Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Merely with formal education, one could not reach the Divine truth because this does not teach science of marifah. If one does not have the desire for the reality and with formal education, one could not access it. Fourteen realms of the universe, illuminated with light of Gnostics and those who are blind of the inner vision are unable to see the essence. The fact is that besides union in Allah all else are merely mythical stories because the reality is essence of truth.


It is the vision, an experience of unison with the Creator.