پڑھ پڑھ علم مشائخ سداون کرن عبادت دوہری ھُو
اندر جھگی پئی لٹیوے تن من خبر ناں موری ھُو
مولا والی سدا سکھالی دل توں لاہ تکوری ھُو
باھُوؒ رب تنہاں نوں حاصل جنہاں جگ ناں کیتی چوری ھُو


With education, they claim of spiritual masters and multiple worships they exercise Hoo

Their inner is looted but their carnal sense is unaware of its despise Hoo

Godly desire are always calm, from heart removes the smoky shadows Hoo

Sustainer is accessed by those ‘Bahoo’ who have not stolen from worldly meadows Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those educated in Islamic knowledge regard themselves as spiritual masters. They are relying merely on their outer knowledge and they are being deceived by their nafs and as the result. In order to sustain their claim to Sheikdom they increase their prayer to show the public that they are pious. In such manner, they are robbed of their spiritual treasure and yet their outer and their inner are unaware of it. Those who are true people of God are in tranquillity because the veils of scepticism and doubts have vanished and they have their faith and trust in God and therefore they have surrendered their desires in will of God. Those who have not stolen the world with false pretences such as claim of Sheikhdom by merely outer knowledge will access the unity in their Sustainer.


They are mystic teachers or elders who are on the highest spiritual state especially imparting knowledge.


Friends of Allah (SWT)

“Behold; verily on the friends of Allah (SWT); there is no fear nor shall they grieve”.

(Quran Kareem; 10:62)

“Those who believe and constantly guard against evil”

(Quran Kareem; 10:63)

 “For them are glad tidings, in the life of present and in the hereafter, No change there be in the Worlds of Allah”.

(Quran Kareem; 10:64)