پڑھ پڑھ علم ہزار کتاباں عالم ہوئے بھارے ھُو
اک حرف عشق دا پڑھن نہ جانن بھلے پھرن بچارے ھُو
اک نگاہ جے عاشق ویکھے لکھ ہزاراں تارے ھُو
لکھ نگاہ جے عالم ویکھے کسے نہ کدھی چاہڑے ھُو
عشق عقل وچ منزل بھاری سئیاں کوہاندے پاڑے ھُو
جنہاں عشق خرید نہ کیتا باھُوؒ اوہ دوہیں جہانیں مارے ھُو


By studying thousands of books, complacent scholars they have become Hoo

They could not understand a word of ardent love, modest are roaming without purpose or aim Hoo

Single glance of an ardent lover would take millions across Hoo

With millions of glances by scholars, no one reached the shores any way Hoo

Ardent love and intellect are at hundreds miles distance away Hoo

Those who have not purchased love ‘Bahoo’ in both worlds lose away Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

By studying knowledge from thousands of books people have became learned scholars. Those poor scholars don't know even single word of ardent love and so they are bewildered. Ardent love is not textbooks it is bestowed with glance of perfect murshid. With a single glance of concentration would take millions across the shores of marifah. If scholars initiate millions of glances, their glance would not cross a single person across the shores of marifah. There is vast distance between intellect and ardent love because intellect acts in accordance with reasoning whereas ardent love only thinks from the point of view of beloved (Allah) and does not have any desires. Those who haven’t attained ardent love ‘Bahoo’ will remain looser here and in hereafter.