تلہ بنھ توکل والا ہو مردانہ ترئیے ھُو
جیں دکھ تھیں سکھ حاصل ہووے اس دکھ تھیں نہ ڈرئیے ھُو
انّ مَع العُسرِ یُسرا آیا چِت اسے ول دہرئیے ھُو
اوہ بے پرواہ درگاہ ہے باھُوؒ اوتھے رو رو حاصل بھرئیے ھُو


Make a float of reliance and swim like masculine Hoo

From such sorrow, solace attained don’t be frightened of such sorrow you sustain Hoo

After pain there is solace commanded, my concentration where to ascertain Hoo

That court is unconcerned ‘Bahoo’ pay your dues crying like rain Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Establish your reliance (Tawakkul) in Allah like a float and swim in it with trust in Allah. If from such sorrow, you attain contentment then do not be frightened of it. The command of Allah is that the court of Allah is without any want and you must present yourself with true emotions because Allah looks at your intentions and he does not look at your outer or your deeds. Tears flow like rain only due to true ardent love.


“So verily with every difficulty there is relief, verily with every difficulty there is relief”.


Allah (SWT) does need anybody or anything; everybody needs Him (SWT).