تارک دنیا تدتھیوسے جداں فقر ملیوسے خاصا ھُو
راہ فقر دا تدلدھیوسے جداں ہتھ پکڑیوسے کاسا ھُو
دریا وحدت دا نوش کیتوسے اجاں بھی جی پیاسا ھُو
راہ فقر رت ہنجوں روون باھُوؒ لوکاں بھانےط ہاسا ھُو


Abandonment of the world is when exceptional spiritual excellence is gained Hoo

The path of spiritual excellence accessed when in your hand beggars bowl ascertained Hoo

Drank the river of Oneness but still thirsty inner remained Hoo

Path of spiritual excellence is shedding tears of blood ‘Bahoo’ perceive it as joke people maintained Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Exceptional faqr (spiritual excellence) is abandonment of materialism from your heart. If you have other than, Allah in it and Allah will not dwell there and you will not be able to access faqr. When you kill your base self and humiliate it by acting as pauper. If a person abandons worldly wealth from his heart and feels regret within his inner he still has vestige in his heart. The passion for Allah is such that drank whole of the river of Oneness and still thirsty. The path of spiritual excellence is to shred tears of blood due to pain for Divine love. But materialists see it as entertainment and a laughing  matter.


It is a code of life being adopted for the sake of spiritual alleviation.


It is a symbol- insignia of humbleness to acquire divine knowledge and spiritual symbolism.


The most intense feelings of yearnings during the severities of the cause are Tears of blood