توڑے تنگ پرانےط ہوون گجھے نہ رہندے تازی ھُو
مَار مارنقارہ دل وچ دڑیا کھیڈ گیا اک بازی ھُو
ماردلاں نوں جول دتونیں جدوں تکے نینط نیازی ھُو
انہاں نال کیہ ہویا باھُوؒ جنہاں یار نہ رکھیا راضی ھُو


Even if horse girdle are worn, concealed Arabian bread horses cannot remain Hoo

Jumped in the arena with drumbeat and played the game to ascertain Hoo

Heart is struck whoever beloved sees with beautiful eyes Hoo

What has happened to those ‘Bahoo’ whose beloved never satisfies Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

True love cannot remain concealed same as Arabian bread horses cannot remain hidden even if their girdle and rein are old and worn out. The outer state of robe or costume cannot conceal the radiant of true ardent lover. My passion have jumped in my heart and played the game of Ardent love. Whoever beloved manifests upon, it strikes his heart. What will come of those unfortunate who have not pleased their true beloved?