تسبی داتوں کسبی ہویوں ماریں دم ولیہاں ھُو
من دا منکا اک نہ پھیریں گل پائیں پنج ویہاں ھُو
دینط  لگیاں گل گھوٹو آوے لینط  لگیاں جھٹ شیہاں ھُو
پتھر چِت جنہاں دے باھُوؒ اوتھے زایا وسناں مینْہاں ھُو


You have become professional in counting dhikr on beads and see yourself as friend of God in consideration you feed Hoo

You could not count one bead of your inner and you have placed round your neck hundreds bead Hoo

By giving charity suffocation you feel and taking wise reflexes of lion you heed Hoo

One whose heart is like stone ‘Bahoo’ rain on such goes to waste indeed Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Habitually rolling beads as profession will not be of any use if your heart is not attentive and there is no passion and concentration involved in it. You could not have your heart initiate dhikr even a single time and yet you have placed hundred beads round your neck. At the time of giving alms to needy you get suffocation and at the time of taking you grab it with reflexes of tiger. Ones whose heart is unable to take in any guidance or truth is solid like stone and trying to guide such is same as the effects of rain on stone.