ثابت عشق تنہاں نیں لدھا جنہاں ترٹی چوڑ چا کیتی ھُو
ناں اوہ صوفی ناں اوہ صافی ناں سجدہ کرن مسیتی ھُو
خالص نیل پرانے اتے نہیں چڑھدا رنگ مجیٹھی ھُو
قاضی آن شرع ول باھُوؒ کدی عشق نماز نہ نیتی ھُو


Those who have spent their livelihood access established ardent love in state Hoo

They are not Sufi or pure neither in mosque they prostrate Hoo

Yellowish green can never appear upon true blue colour separate Hoo

Religious judges turns towards laws ‘Bahoo’ they never intended prayer in ardent love straight Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those who have spent their life’s worth in the name of Allah will attain state of ardent love. By having love and affection for worldly material one cannot access state of ardent love. Those who are ardent lover they don’t claim to be Sufi neither they claim of being pious or they attend mosque regularly because they remain discrete and they don’t want people to see them as pious or Sufi. Yellowish green colour can never effect upon true blue colour the true colour of Divine truth would not let any other influence settle over it. Those religious muftis studied religious knowledge have engaged in issues relating Islamic laws and they had never performed supplication in state of ardent love.


It is the external attire which indicates the internal state of soul.


(In Islamic Sharia Law) - Who decides the disputes of civil and criminal matters according to Quran- Sunnah & four schools of jurisprudence.