ثابت صدق تے قدم اگیرے تائیں رب لبھیوے ھُو
لوں لوں دے وچ ذکر اللہ دا ہر دم پیا پڑھیوے ھُو
ظاہر باطن عین عیانی ھُو ھُو پیا سنیوطے ھُو
نام فقیر تنہاں دا باھُوؒ قبر جنہانْدی جیوے ھُو


Establish truthfulness and step forward then Sustainer you shell find Hoo

Every hair on the body recites remembrance of Allah with every breath defined Hoo

Outwardly and in deep inner clearly Hoo Hoo is being thrived  Hoo

Person of spiritual excellence is thy name ‘Bahoo’ whose grave has been lived Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Establish stability and sincerity then you will attain the Sustainer because without sincerity you shell not attain the Divine truth. Each hair on my body recites remembrance of Allah Almighty every moment. In outwardly as well as inwardly the sound of Hoo is being heard. Such are defined as faqeers whose graves are alive. One attains spiritual influences and spiritual guidance from there all the while.