جے توں چاہیں وحدت رب دی تاں مل مرشد دیاں تلیاں ھُو
مرشد لطفوں کرے نظارہ گل تھیون سبھ کلیاں ھُو
انہاں گلاں وچوں ہک لالہ ہوسی گل نازک گل پھلیاں ھُو
دوہیں جہانیں مٹھے باھُوؒ جنہاں سنگ کیتا دو ڈلیاں ھُو


If you desire Oneness of your Sustainer then massage your master’s foot sole Hoo

Master will favour his grace and buds will form a flower as whole Hoo

Among those flowers, there will be delicate tulip and the rest will be bud Hoo

Those deprived in both worlds ‘Bahoo’ who remained in duality’s shroud Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If you want unity with your Sustainer (Rabb) then you must remain humble, truthful and sincere with your master because master’s merciful glance will take you to your Sustainer. When master favours, the buds of love will bloom into flowers. Among those buds there will be a delicate tulip (heart) and the rest will be buds. Such person who remained in duality by not acquiring the state of annihilation in the being of master will remain deprived in both worlds from the state of unity in Oneness and declaration on one’s being as nothingness.


This is an invigorating metaphor of Mystics which personifies inner development and self realization.


It is a metaphor of the divine inspiration that is an acquisition and experience by the cognitive intellect.