جس الف مطالیہ کیتا ب دا باب نہ پڑھدا ھُو
چھوڑ صفاتی لدھس ذاتی اوہ عامی دور چا کردا ھُو
نفس امارہ کتڑا جانےط ناز نیاز نہ دھردا ھُو
کیا پرواہ تنہاننوں باھُوؒ جنہاں گھاڑو لدھا گھر دا ھُو


He who have studied 'Alif-Allah' he would not turn to the chapter of Ba Hoo

Leave attributes and will achieve essence, which will remove other then Allah Hoo

Perceive base self as dog he will not relinquish his pride Hoo

What concern you have ‘Bahoo’ mentor within who reside Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Such person who has studied “Allah” he would not bother about chapter of letter Ba because Alif of Allah is sufficient and there is no need of rest. Don’t bother regarding attributes and achieve essence and the Divine essence will remove all else from your inner besides Allah. Perceive your base self because he will not relinquish his fake pride. What concerns do, he have who has his master as his guidance.