جیں دل عشق خرید نہ کیتا سو دل بخت نہ بختی ھُو
استاد ازل دے سبق پڑھایا ہتھ دتس دل تختی ھُو
برسرآیاں دم ناں ماریں جاں سرآوے سختی ھُو
پڑھ توحید تاں تھیویں واصل باھُوؒ سبق پڑھیوے وقتی ھُو


Such heart that has not purchased ardent love unfortunate is his fate Hoo

Teacher of pre-eternity taught me by handing me the heart's slate Hoo

In the state of calamity not to utter sigh in hardship state Hoo

Studying Oneness, you will be in union ‘Bahoo’ with such teachings trait Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Such heart that has not acquired Divine love is unfortunate. My mentor from primordial has handed me my heart to inscribe Ism-e-Allah (Divine name of Allah) and contemplate Ism-e-Allah. When Ism-e-Allah influences ones being and then one becomes such engrossed in the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah any pain or grief cannot even make him utter sigh or any sound. With the knowledge, of such teaching of Oneness one attains state of annihilation in Divine essence.


And Qurb’ are terms that refer to intimacy these could be Maqams (Steps-Stages) in the spiritual endeavors during the quest of Allah.