جیں دل عشق خرید نہ کیتا سوئی خسرے مرد زنانے ھُو
خنسے خسرے ہر کوئی آکھے کون آکھے مردانے ھُو
گلیاں دیوچ پھرن اربیلے جیوں جنگل ڈھور دیوانے ھُو
مرداں تے نمرداں دی کل تداں پوسی باھُوؒ جداں عاشق بنہسن گانے ھُو


Such heart that has not inspired ardent love is a feminine eunuch in form of man Hoo

Everyone will call him eunuch or hermaphrodite but none will call him Man Hoo

They will loiter streets as wild animals roams in the jungle Hoo

The distinction of man and eunuch will establish ‘Bahoo’ when ardent lover tie knot to wedding bangle Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Such person whose heart has not inspired enamour is eunuch in form of man. Everyone will call him eunuch but no one will call him masculine. They will loiter streets just as animals roam the jungles without any aim or objective. The distinction of masculine will only be established when Divine union takes place and brave man with ardent love (ardent lover/Aashiq) will sacrifice his soul and eunuch will fizzle away.

 A cultural simile which depicts

  1. Rolling stone gathers no mass
  2. The nature of eunuch is not possible to change therefore the ultimate success is for those who tie knot to wedding bangles and behave manly in the world of mysticism.