جیں دینہہ دامَیں در تینڈے تے سجدہ صحی ونج کیتا ھُو
اس دینہہ دا سر فدا اتھائیں، میں بیا دربار نہ لیتا ھُو
سر دیون سرّ آکھن ناہیں، اساں شوق پیالا پیتا ھُو
میں قربان تنہاں توں باھُوؒ جنہاں عشق سلامت کیتا ھُو


Ever since the day I am at your door I have perfected my prostration Hoo

I sacrificed there since that day burden never came into imagination Hoo

They sacrifice their head but, they do not disclose secret we have consumed the goblet of passion Hoo

I sacrifice upon those ‘Bahoo’ whom have kept secure their ardent love’s passion Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Ever since I am at your Divine door and perfected my prostration. There I have sacrificed my head and since then I have no burden of suspicion and thoughts came near me. One will sacrifice his head but he will never disclose the secret (Sirr) because we have consumed the drink of passion. I sacrifice my life for those ‘Bahoo’ who have secured their ardent love.