In jungle is a killer lion and falcon strikes within the house hither Hoo

There is no jeweller like ardent love, which would leave any impurity within gold either Hoo

Those in ardent love don’t have appetite for hunger, sleep or they die neither Hoo

Such is perceived ardent lover ‘Bahoo’ when he surrenders his head in presence there Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Base self is within ones inner like deadly lion and Satanic forces (khannas) instigates temptations within heart. Ardent lover is such who will clear ones inner self from all forms of vestiges. In the same manner as jeweller purifies the gold. The ardent lovers don’t feel hunger or sleep due to their passion nor do they die. They remain in the state of subsistence in Allah. Such is seen as a ardent lover the one who sacrifices his head in present of Almighty.