Wish to die while in life, than within spiritual excellence robes remain Hoo

If rubbish and refuse is thrown at you like rubbish mound you sustain Hoo

If someone abuses or taunts you, be polite to him again and again Hoo

From friend accept complaint, taunts, notoriety and humiliating proposal Hoo

Most powerful holds my rains ‘Bahoo’ He treats me as he likes I am at his disposal Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If one want to die before death then wear the dress of faqeer. If you are humiliated by rubbish thrown or you are insults are levelled at you, you must remain calm and sustain like heap of garbage. This is the sign of selflessness. If you are sworn at you don’t reply in kind but be polite with them. Embrace all kinds of notoriety or humiliation from Divine friend. God most great hold reins of my destiny he has the right to treat me as He wishes. Keep in mind one thing that Hazrat Sultan Bahoo doesn’t instruct of being content with the fate on the contrary Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was amongst those Sufi whose ideology was away from stagnation like it is described in the poem 52 “I sacrifice upon thy ‘Bahoo’ who perused in resistance Hoo