They wouldn’t shuffle pages of Quran, from Alif reality whom have gained Hoo

They claim divine love and the veils removal they obtained Hoo

Heaven and hell are their slaves as ordained Hoo

I sacrifice upon them ‘Bahoo’ annihilation in Oneness whom has ascertained Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Those who have attained the essence of Divine name of Allah they do not study Qur’anic interpretation of non spiritual scholars because the knowledge of Divine name of Allah overshadows all the other sciences. It is the same knowledge Allah Almighty bestowed Prophet Adam (blessings be upon them). They claim Divine love and therefore their veils lifted from their soul. Heaven become their slaves because they are in ardent love with Allah anyone who loves Allah the creation is obedient to him. I sacrifice my life for those whom have reached the level of annihilation in Oneness.