If religion was within knowledge, then why heads on lances would be impaled Hoo

Eighteen thousands universes there, in presence of Hussain in death they would have excelled Hoo

If they heeded thought of our Prophet  then why fire on tents would have dwelled Hoo

If they had acknowledge the oath of Prophet  why would they stop water supply Hoo

Just is thy faith ‘Bahoo’ who sacrifice their head to defy Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

If faith was in knowledge then why would Imam Hussain’s (may Allah be pleased with him) head be placed on lances. At the state of Qidam (pre-eternity) in the presence of Almighty Allah the spirits of eighteen thousand universes were presented with the situation of Karbala and asked for sacrifice and amongst all of the spirits only the spirit of Imam Hussain submitted their head for the sacrifice. If the solders of Yazeed the accursed tyrant would have envisaged our beloved Prophet  they would not have torched the tents. If they had acknowledged the oath of obedience on the hand of Prophet  they wouldn’t have stopped the water supply for the family and children of Ahl-e-Bait (beloved Prophet’s  family). The faith of those courageous people who sacrificed their life for Imam Hussain is perfect faith and not of those tyrant who have perpetrated atrocity upon the noble family of beloved Prophet .