Ever since master handed me begging bowl I have become carefree Hoo

What use is your night vigil if master has not cultured enzyme in thee Hoo

During night vigil you worship and during daytime you start backbiting you see Hoo

Worldly throne is false ‘Bahoo’ and spiritual excellence is the true kingship of Thee Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Spiritual master takes out love of material and name and fame from seeker’s heart and then seekers becomes carefree. Term begging bowl is used to humiliate ones pride and it should not be taken and beg for living. Your night vigil is waste of time until perfect spiritual master has not impregnated your soul with Ism-e-Allah zaat (Divine name of Almighty). If you backbite or resort to other immoral activities during the day your night vigil will be futile. Throne of this world is perishable and it is mirage the real kingship is the faqr of beloved Prophet .