جل جلیندیاں جنگل بھوندیاں میری ہکا گل نہ پکّی ھُو
چلے چلئے مکّے حج گزاریاں میری دل دی دوڑ نہ ڈکّی ھُو
تریھے روزے پنج نمازاں ایہہ بھی پڑھ پڑھ تھکّی ھُو
سبھے مراداں حاصل ہویاں باھُوؒ جاں کامل نظر مہر دی تکّی ھُو


By crossing the rivers and roaming the jungles not even single issue I attained Hoo

Being in solitude and performing pilgrimage to Makka my hearts desires never refrained Hoo

By keeping thirty fasts and five daily prayers I had maintained Hoo

When perfect grants merciful glance ‘Bahoo’ then entire wishes were gained Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

One would not accomplish his single desire by crisscrossing rivers and roaming the jungles. By being in state of solitude and performing pilgrim in Makka ones desires are never seized because these actions only satisfy ones outer self and not inner self therefore outer self always is providing comfort to ones base self and then desires follows suite. Merely by performing daily prayers and keeping thirty fasts ones inner eye never opens because the nafs and desires are still strong a powerful. When perfect spiritual master concentrates with single glance then nafs will die, inclination towards created beings subsides, and soul comes to life.