جاں جاں ذات نہ تھیوے باھُوؒ تاں کم ذات سدیوے ھُو
ذاتی نال صفاتی ناہیں تاں تاں حق لبھیوے ھُو
اندر بھی ھُو تے باہربھی ھُو باھُو کتھے لبھیوے ھُو
جَیندے اندر حب دنیا باھُوؒ اوہ مول فقیر نہ تھیوے ھُو


Until ones beings annihilates in Hoo’s Essence, he remains lowest Hoo

Within Divine essence no mortal form left, then Sustainer you will ascertain dearest Hoo

Hoo is inner and Hoo is in outer from where Hoo could access by me Hoo

Within whose heart is worldly love ‘Bahoo’ person of spiritual excellence he could never be Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

He will remain at lower basic level if he relies on attributes because no attribute could compete with Divine essence. One has to relinquish the attributes in order to reach essence. Hoo is at my outside and is in my inner where could Bahoo be accessed. His divine essence is manifesting within oneself and he hears and sees his manifestations everywhere. He who has love for worldly material he is not a faqeer (person of spiritual excellence).