چڑھ چناں تے کر رشنائی تارے ذکر کریندے تیرا ھُو
تیرے جہے چن کئی سے چڑھدے سانوں سجناں باجھ ہنیرا ھُو
جتھے چن اساڈا چڑھدا اُتھے قدر نہیں کجھ تیرا ھُو
جس دے کارن اساں جنم گوایا باھُوؒ یار ملے اک پھیرا ھُو


Stars are engaged in your remembrance, O moon! rise and shine Hoo

Hundreds of lunar like you have arisen but it is darkness without beloved of mine Hoo

Where our moon rises, there your worth is in decline Hoo

For whom we have sacrificed our life ‘Bahoo’ once we meet beloved in illumine Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O moon! rise and illuminate the atmosphere the stars are remembering you. Hundred of Moons like you have risen but without my beloved there is darkness within me. O moon! Your outer glow will not manifest within my inner soul. Merely by relying on outer worship, one will not be able to attain inner manifestation in my inner soul my beloved manifests in there you have no worth. Due to recognition of Allah our spirit placed in our body and we have lost our life of La-Hoot (proximity) in intimacy with Allah we will be in union with our beloved some time.