چڑھ چناں تے کر رُشنائی ذکر کریندے تارے ھُو
گلیاں دے وچ پھرن نمانےط لعلاندے ونجارے ھُو
شالا مسافر کوئی نہ تھیوے ککھ جنہاں توں بھارے ھُو
تاڑی مار اڈاؤ ناں باھُوؒ اساں آپے اُڈنط ہارے ھُو


O moon, rise and illuminate with your radiant, engaged in your remembrance are stars Hoo

The traders of rubies are modestly roaming the alleys thus far Hoo

God forbid when for wayfarers heavy becomes blade of grass Hoo

Don’t make us fly with hand clapping ‘Bahoo’ we are about to fly across Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

O moon of Gnostic’s universe! (Illumination of Allah) those who have your manifestation glowing like star are engaged in your remembrance. Those who are traders of rubies true seekers are roaming streets of mystical initiation (salook). They are such modest traveller in marifah that even minute speck is seen heavier than those seekers. Don’t attempt to make us fly away we will fly to spiritual universe ourselves.


This world is an alien Land for the human spirit.