دل دریا سمندروں ڈونگھا غوطہ مار غواصی ھُو
جیں دریا ونج نوش نہ کیتا رہسی جان پیاسی ھُو
ہر دم نال اللہ دے رکھن ذکر فکر دے آسی ھُو
اس مرشد تھیں زن بہتر باھُوؒ جو پھند فریب لباسی ھُو


Heart is deeper than ocean like a diver, dive you ascertain Hoo

The one who has not drank river thirsty he will remain Hoo

They breathe with name of Allah and hopeful in remembrance and reflection they retain Hoo

A women is better than such master ‘Bahoo’ who is impersonator Hoo

Commentary by M. A. Khan

Hearts are deeper then the oceans dive in them like a diver and bring out pearl of Gnostics. The one who has not drunk from the river of Oneness will remain thirsty. They who breathe within dhikr of Ism-e-Allah zaat and they are hopeful of mercy and grace of Allah. A feminine is better than such pretentious Sufi master who is merely an impersonator and who does not have tasarruf or the Divine grace to reach the seeker to his ultimate objective, which is the state of union.